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Friday 10 July 2020

Service Charges

Tailor /Stitcher

Skill LevelSkill CategoryExperienceService Charge
ADraping and Sew Haute couture,Wedding gown,Evening dress2900 AED
BMeasurement and SewAbaya,Jalabia,Kaftan,Fustan,Kandura,Night dress,Maxi.2800 AED
CSew and alterationUniform,Pakistani/Indian traditional,Western dress,Shirt,Pant,Jaket,Gents2600 AED

Master Cutter

Skill LevelSkill CategoryExperienceService Charge
ACut any fabric and sew Haute couture,Wedding gown,Evening dress3300 AED
B Measurement,cut and sewAbaya,Jalabia,Kaftan,Fustan,Kandura,Night dress,Maxi3200 AED
C Basic skill of cut and sewUniform,Pakistani/Indian traditional,Western dress,Shirt,Pant,Jaket,Gents.3000 AED

Pattern Maker

Skill LevelSkill CategoryExperienceService Charge
ACreating Pattern for clothingGown,Abaya,Jalabia,Ladies dress3100 AED
B Work closely with designerUniform,Pakistani/indian,Western dress,Shirt,Pant,Jaket,Gents3000 AED

Fashion Designer

Skill LevelSkill CategoryExperienceService Charge
AHigh fashion Design,Sketching,drapingHaute couture,Wedding gown,High fashion4000 AED
B Basic Design support the teamAbaya,Jalabia,any ladies dress,Gents,Uniform3500 AED


Skill LevelSkill CategoryExperienceService Charge
A Hand work on fabricGown,Abaya,Jalabia,Ladies dress,Uniform,Any fabrics2800 AED
B Machine work on fabricGown,Abaya,Jalabia,Ladies dress,Uniform,Any fabrics2800 AED
CComputer work on fabricGown,Abaya,Jalabia,Ladies dress,Uniform,Any fabrics2600 AED

Production controller/ Manager/ Sales

Skill LevelSkill CategoryExpertise CategoryService Charge
AQuality control lead the TeamProduction controller2600 AED
BManage the TeamManager2500 AED
CSales and handle customerSales24000 AED