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Monday 19 April 2021
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Accomplished, seasoned professional with proven success in the field of Fashion Design. A master in designing and creating wedding gowns, formal & party dresses. Offers a wide standing of connections and suppliers of Fabric Material and Gown Accessories and has a mastery in Lady Dresses & Party Costumes with more than thirty (30) fruitful years of practice. My designs and creations are up to date on the latest Fashion trends in GCC & the International Fashion World. They pass the requirements acceptable to the fashion and traditional tastes of Muslim women, their spouses, and the Religious Sector of the Saudi Arabian Government. I also invent and experiment with new materials used in the final touches and the overall look of my creations. I construct dresses to make a living but I put my heart, care, and passion into perfecting them to make sure that every masterpiece I work on will leave an impact and mark on the people who will see it
Tailoring Skill

Fashion Designer
An eye for colour and a feel for fabrics and materials
Create Haute couture, wedding and evening gown custom design and draft new
patterns with samples for each custom design for clients
Technical skills of pattern cutting and knowledge
Producing designs by hand or using computer-aided design (CAD)
Create ready-to-wear collections, produce in relatively numbers
Design outerwear and Sportswear fashion line
Sew together sections of material to samples of garments and using sewing equipment
The ability to negotiate and to influence others for the product
Designed garments for fashion shows
Assist for photography, video shoots, film or shows
Team working skills, well organized and time management
Campaign for direct sales promotions

Machine Embroidery

Hand Embroidery

  • Member Since, March,08 2020
  • Quezon

Fashion designer

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  • Languages
    english ,arabic
  • Education Levels
    Bachelor Degree
  • Religion
  • Physical Fitness
    Physically Fit
  • Have Passport (6 Months Valid)
  • Experience
  • Work Experience
    Bachelor of Science in Architecture – Far Eastern University Manila, Philippines – March, 1985 PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Fashion Designer – Almakhamaria Fashion United Arab Emirates – 2018 to Present Duties and Responsibilities: All around Fashion Designer for traditional modern moroccan kaftan. Makes dress compositions from designing to cutting, sewing, and adding finishing touches. Organized and/or assisted in planning and layouting shop mannequin displays. Fashion Consultant – Platin Fashions Abha, RSA – 2007 to 2014 Duties and Responsibilities: Supplied professional fashion advice & recommendations to individuals, customers or companies assisting in the realm of fashion. Selected clothing, makeup, and hairstyle conforming to the figure of the client and occasion. Analyzed suitable colours, cuts and designs for client & selected uniforms for company. Decided clothing during photo shoots, fashion shows or any event. Involved in merchandise display & arrange size wise, brand wise, style wise, etc. Helped clients with closet organization and classification of clothing as per the occasion. Fashion Designer – Design Fashion House Jeddah, RSA – 1995 to 2006 Duties and Responsibilities: Created & visualised ideas and produced designs by hand and/or using computer-aided design (CAD). Kept up to date with the emerging fashion trends as well as general trends relating to fabrics, colours and shapes. Searched, selected, ordered and purchased fabrics, trims, fastenings and embellishments. Studied and analyzed design technically perspective involving producing patterns and specifications. Developed patterns that were cut & sewn into sample garments & supervised making them including fitting, detailing & adaptations. Couturier – Ekrami Shop Taif, RSA – 1895 to 1994 Duties and Responsibilities: Multi-skilled designer in styling & model maker. Created & developed innovative original design ideas, concepts, embroideries, fabrications, techniques, seasonal themes & ideas. Sourced relevant fabrics, embroideries & suppliers to meet the design requirements. Provided support in presenting the collection at all stages to senior management. Created and developed mood boards and inspirational themes for both seasonal collections and private client’s personal couture collections. Assisted in organizing photo shoots and runway shows. Adapted existing designs for mass production. Ensured critical path deadlines were maintained.
  • Dress Category
    Haute couture ,Wedding Gown ,Jalabia ,Jilbab ,Kaftan ,Farasha ,Fustan ,Maxi ,Night wear
  • Management Sales