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Monday 19 April 2021
CV: 6574

Aliyah B. Guro


A hardworking, well mannered and friendly cashier with a positive attitude to work. Able to uphold high standards of customer service and speed whilst at the same time adhering to a companies regulations and procedures. Experience of working in a fast paced retail environment and having a proven track record of working under pressure for instance i.e. when long lines form or when unexpected mishaps occur such as miss-priced items. A quick learner who can quickly obtain a good knowledge of all the products available in a store
Tailoring Skill

Fashion Designer

Machine Embroidery

Hand Embroidery

  • Member Since, March,07 2020
  • Doha


Bio Data

  • Present Country
  • Present State & City
  • Nationality
  • Age
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Languages
    english ,arabic
  • Education Levels
  • Religion
  • Physical Fitness
    Physically Fit
  • Have Passport (6 Months Valid)
  • Experience
  • Work Experience
    Providing customers a personalised, friendly and efficient cashiering service. Taking payments from customers via cash, cheques and credit cards. Entering purchases into a cash register then calculating the total purchase price. Responsible for the accurate and timely allocation of cash. In charge of daily cashbook management and also bank reconciliations. Banking a large volume of cheques and cash daily. Identifying potential sales leads and referring them to colleagues. . Recording of monies received and paid out. Preparing BACS and TT payments using the online bank system. Undertaking till balancing & administration activities in an efficient manner. Helping to resolve customer complaints. Assisting with shelf stacking, sticking prices on items etc. Training new cashiers. Sorting, counting, and wrapping currency and coins. Compiling and maintaining monetary and also non-monetary reports and records. Balancing cash in the till with receipts
  • Dress Category
  • Management Sales
    Answer phones call to assist customers and updated information regarding orders ,Handled customer transactions, created sales orders ,Record delivery requests, package and shipment orders