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Tuesday 07 December 2021

Employer Policy

Employer poilicy.

  • First Payment (200 US Doller), Each candidate For selecting will be paid by Employer Immediate to Tailorsupply to Start the Process
  • Final Remaining payment will be paid when Candidate visa process has done by Employer
  1. TailorSupply will provide Job applicant CV/Resume/Video details and other necessary documents for select the right candidate to (Employer)
  2. Tailorsupply will Guarantee that all applicant have the right knowledge and experience mentioned in the provided CV/Resume/Documents
  3. Tailorsupply will allow the Employer to contact the selected Applicant and Interview them by Phone,Email or Direct interview after fulfil the contract
  4. Tailorsupply will replace candidate will provide As long as the right candidate not found to Employer
  5. After Employer selected the right Applicant,Tailorsupply will issue Job offer letter and applicant agreed and signs the(Employment Contract)
  6. Employer will take all the responsibilities of Visa process,and follow as Employment contract mentioned for Employee.
  7. Employer will Provide to Applicant Flight ticket,Agency fees in to fulfill all the requirement for Arrive in the Employer place.
  8. Any applicant employed by the Employer and leaves the job within 90 days(3 months) for any reason as Medically unfit,Refuse to work,abscond or Terminate. Tailorsupply will provide replacement with no additional fees.
  9. Tailorsupply is no longer responsible for any personal activities of the Applicant(Emplyee) before or after appointment by Employer.
  10. Both parties respect this term & condition in this agreement and accept all legal liabilities in case of violating any of the agreement terms.

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