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Tuesday 07 December 2021

Employer Services

Dress maker- We provide Tailor/Master cutter/Pattern maker/Fashion designer/Hand embroiderer/ Machine Embroiderer/Computer embroiderer in experienced in Arabic traditional dress.

  • Nationality -We supply Filipino, Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Srilankan, Nepali, Arabic, EU and other Nationalities.
  • Language- They can Speak English, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, we make sure They are able to communicate with their Employer and other Team members.
  • Gulf experienced- Get service from us, you will get the best candidates with Gulf experienced, who is already worked with in UAE,Qatar,Bahrain,Kuwait,Oman,KSA, and Malaysia,Brunai,Indonesia other part of the world in Fashion and Tailoring industry.

Benefits of TAILOR SUPPLY service:

Our recruitment expertise and infrastructure can help you find the right Tailor,dress maker,staffs faster,We will save you valuable time and arranging interviews on your behalf and give you the feedback.

Large and Experienced Network:

Our greatest strength is the quality people who work with us by different network in Fashion and Tailoring industry.We carefully make our marketing and support our network to find the high standard staff for your Fashion business.